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How to get the dumb gamepad task done
var fs = require('fs');
var Steam = require('steam');
var bot = new Steam.SteamClient();
accountName: 'username',
password: 'password',
shaSentryfile: fs.readFileSync('sentry')
bot.on('loggedOn', function() {
console.log('Logged in!');
bot.setPersonaState(Steam.EPersonaState.Online); // to display your bot's status as "Online"
bot.setPersonaName('Morgiana'); // to change its nickname
bot._send(Steam.EMsg.ClientCurrentUIMode | 0x80000000, Steam.Internal.CMsgClientUIMode.serialize({
uimode: 1
bot._send(Steam.EMsg.ClientGamesPlayedWithDataBlob | 0x80000000, Steam.Internal.CMsgClientGamesPlayed.serialize({
gamesPlayed: [{
gameId: 570,
gameFlags: 5120
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