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Last active June 18, 2018 08:36
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function setAppBarColors(brandColorHex, brandColorInactiveHex) {
// Detect if the Windows namespace exists in the global object
if (typeof Windows !== 'undefined') {
var brandColor = hexStrToRGBA(brandColorHex);
var brandColorInactive = hexStrToRGBA(brandColorInactiveHex);
// Get a reference to the App Title Bar
var appTitleBar = Windows.UI.ViewManagement.ApplicationView.getForCurrentView().titleBar;
var black = hexStrToRGBA('#000');
var white = hexStrToRGBA('#FFF');
appTitleBar.foregroundColor = white;
appTitleBar.backgroundColor = brandColor;
appTitleBar.buttonForegroundColor = white;
appTitleBar.buttonBackgroundColor = brandColor;
appTitleBar.buttonHoverForegroundColor = white;
appTitleBar.buttonHoverBackgroundColor = brandColor;
appTitleBar.buttonPressedForegroundColor = brandColor;
appTitleBar.buttonPressedBackgroundColor = white;
appTitleBar.inactiveBackgroundColor = brandColorInactive;
appTitleBar.inactiveForegroundColor = brandColor;
appTitleBar.buttonInactiveForegroundColor = brandColor;
appTitleBar.buttonInactiveBackgroundColor = brandColorInactive;
appTitleBar.buttonInactiveHoverForegroundColor = brandColor;
appTitleBar.buttonInactiveHoverBackgroundColor = brandColorInactive;
appTitleBar.buttonPressedForegroundColor = brandColor;
appTitleBar.buttonPressedBackgroundColor = brandColorInactive;
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