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Steps to make Flashlight work on 10.10.4 (doesn't work for El Capitan)

Make Flashlight work on 10.10.4

  1. Install SIMBL
  2. Copy SpotlightSIMBL.bundle to /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/ (a)
  3. Copy Flashlight.osax to ~/Library/ScriptingAdditions/ (b)
  4. Disable Flashlight
  5. Enable Flashlight
  6. Open Script Editor on your Mac (look for "Script Editor In Spotlight") and paste the following code (don't change Snow Leopard for Yosemite)
tell application "Spotlight" to inject SIMBL into Snow Leopard
  1. Run the script. if it worked, export it with the name "Inject SIMBL into Spotlight" or something and with file format Application (important).
  2. then go to users & Groups -> login items, select your user and press '+' and select the newly exported script.

That's it. Thanks to hufufuf for the explanation of how he did it.

(b) Flashlight.osax is in


(a) SpotlightSIMBL.bundle is in

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CodeBrauer commented Aug 3, 2015

Did not work for me, but I didn't used flashlight before – so I keep using alfred+spotlight combo till this is getting offical fixed.

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ghost commented Aug 11, 2015

nice ,,thanku

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tsimmons commented Aug 14, 2015

Can anyone confirm that this also works on the official release of 10.10.5?

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ghost commented Aug 16, 2015

@tsimmons: Don't work for me at 10.10.5. Any suggestions?

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mstumbo commented Aug 17, 2015

I'm having trouble getting this to work. I get as far as running the the "Inject SIMBL into Spotlight" application. The next time I use spotlight, spotlight crashes as soon as I type something. Spotlight works the second time I run it, but the Flashlight plugins do not work. Has anyone else encountered this?

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petyosi commented Aug 19, 2015

Works in 10.10.5 for me, too. No tweaks needed.

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jcislinsky commented Aug 19, 2015

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jendas1 commented Aug 24, 2015

I have the same problem as @mstumbo . Here is the crash log:

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mat1th commented Aug 26, 2015

Thanks, It works!

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tommychat commented Aug 26, 2015

Amazing thanks a lot!

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adri2906 commented Sep 5, 2015

@selaromi what about the new 10.10.5? It seems not working as the 10.10.3, can I follow the same path to install it with SIMBL?

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vhristev commented Sep 7, 2015

I make it work with 10.10.5 but it's buggy.

When it crash i need to Initiate Apple Scrip to make it work again and its crashing randomly

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BraisDosGoros commented Sep 8, 2015

Thanks, working on 10.10.5!

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itsgg commented Sep 9, 2015

Works fine in 10.10.5

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learn2reid commented Sep 10, 2015

Worked great for me on 10.10.5! Thanks so much!

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dramaticlly commented Sep 17, 2015

unable to run the script "tell application "Spotlight" to inject SIMBL into Snow Leopard
"..error -> "Spotlight got an error: Can’t continue inject SIMBL into Snow Leopard." number -1708

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theRealNG commented Sep 23, 2015

I'm also getting error
error "Spotlight got an error: Can’t continue inject SIMBL into Snow Leopard." number -1708

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shrx commented Oct 3, 2015

Thanks, works for me on 10.10.5.

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uxDaniel commented Oct 5, 2015

For anyone getting syntax error: 'Identifier' can't follow this 'Identifier', even after closing Flashlight, restart your mac, close Flashlight again, then run the script. Tested on 10.10.5!

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teddyknox commented Oct 15, 2015

I'm also getting error
error "Spotlight got an error: Can’t continue inject SIMBL into Snow Leopard." number -1708

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Leomund commented Oct 30, 2015

is there any way how to make it work on El Capitan?

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abrown435 commented Dec 16, 2015

Thanks! Works in 10.10.5

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ashwinb commented Jan 25, 2016

@mstumbo, @jcislinsky: I encountered the crash as well. Looking into system.log, I found a stacktrace and a message "launch path not accessible"... I hooked up lldb, and was able to locate the issue. The path

/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/SpotlightSIMBL.bundle/Contents/Frameworks/FlashlightKit.framework/Resources/

is not executable and cannot be marked as executable. I just changed the permissions using sudo and everything was well :) Hope that helps.

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Maximalsnooze commented Feb 9, 2016

Great, Thank you so much!!!

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nutelina commented Apr 22, 2016

I get an error with the Script Editor on El Capitan 10.11.4 "Spotlight got an error: A privilege violation occurred." number -10004 Flashlight does seem to work but it doesn't bring up Spotlight...

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Ru7z commented Jul 31, 2016

Spotlight 1.0 (v972.34) has not been tested with the plugin SpotlightSIMBL 1.0 (v17). As a precaution, it has not been loaded. Please contact the plugin developer for further information.
What does this mean..
What can i do that?

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Krutterlax commented Aug 8, 2016

Please help

I dont know which link to click to install SIMBL. and what does SpotlightSIMBL.bundle mean and where can i find it?

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Krutterlax commented Aug 8, 2016

And where is Flashlight.osax

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SergioGeeK7 commented Mar 8, 2017

Works !!! ... the files paths are on the bottom of the guide O.o

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Json-Luo commented Sep 6, 2017

thanks a lot! it works perfect!

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