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Joschua selfire1

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selfire1 / release.yml
Created Nov 3, 2021
Github Action to automate Obsidian releases. Source: [Release your plugin with GitHub Actions | Obsidian Plugin Developer Docs](
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name: Release Obsidian plugin
- "*"
PLUGIN_NAME: FINDME # Change this to match the id of your plugin.
selfire1 / Copy to
Created Jul 20, 2021
Template for the Templater Obsidian plugin to copy current Obsidian note as markdown link
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<%* const title = tp.file.title; const uri = 'obsidian://open?vault=Vault&file=' + encodeURI(title);

const fullstring = '[' + title + ']' + '(' + uri + ')' navigator.clipboard.writeText(fullstring); %>

selfire1 /
Created Jun 17, 2021
A shell script to start tracking an Amazing Marvin task in Toggl Track.
# -------------------------------------------------
# Before running the script, make sure that you understand it. Running code you find on the Internet may damage your system.
# -------------------------------------------------
# In Amazing marvin, set the path to this script as "Start time tracking task" in the "System Triggers strategy" like this:
# /Path/to/this/script $TASK_TITLE
# Replace "YourSecretToken" with your Toggl API token below.
# -------------------------------------------------
curl -v -u YourSecretToken:api_token \
selfire1 / bibleverse-formatting.css
Created May 26, 2021
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/* Formatting for Bible verses (h6 headers) in Obsidian */
.markdown-preview-view h6,
.cc-pretty-preview .markdown-preview-view h6
position: relative;
left: -4%;
top: 18px;
line-height: 0px;
margin-top: -20px;
margin-right: 3px;