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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Tributary inlet
{"description":"Tributary inlet","endpoint":"","display":"svg","public":true,"require":[],"fileconfigs":{"inlet.js":{"default":true,"vim":false,"emacs":false,"fontSize":12},"":{"default":true,"vim":false,"emacs":false,"fontSize":12},"config.json":{"default":true,"vim":false,"emacs":false,"fontSize":12}},"fullscreen":false,"play":false,"loop":false,"restart":false,"autoinit":true,"pause":true,"loop_type":"pingpong","bv":false,"nclones":15,"clone_opacity":0.4,"duration":3000,"ease":"linear","dt":0.01,"ajax-caching":true,"thumbnail":""}
// The svg variable is assigned to a selection containing the svg
// element that's dispayed to the left of this text box. Perform
// operations on this selection and they will immediately appear
// to the left as you code.
var svg ='svg');
// 1. Create three circles, each with different radii (`"r"` attribute)
// and locations (`"cx"` and `"cy"` attributes) on the screen.
// 2. Modify all the circles to have the same radius.
// 3. Create a new circle somewhere on the screen with a different radius
// than the other three.
// 4. Remove the second circle.
// 5. Change the third (now second) circle to have a different radius.
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