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#set -x
function die {
echo "ERROR: $*";
exit 1
usage_info="Usage: $0 ca_dir client|server certificate_name
Creates new certificate of given type and encrypts it with ansible-vault.
Warning: unencrypted directory ca_dir.plainntext may remain if script was interrupted.
# Arguments
[ -n "$cert_name" ] || die "$usage_info"
[ -e "$ca_dir/vars" ] || die "Not an easy-rsa CA directory: $ca_dir"
# Check for necessary programs
type openssl > /dev/null || die "openssl is not available in PATH"
type make-cadir > /dev/null || die "easy-rsa is not available in PATH"
type ansible-vault > /dev/null || die "ansible is not available in PATH"
# Abort if something goes wrong
set -e
scriptdir="$(readlink -f "$(dirname $0)")"
cd "$scriptdir"
ca_dir="$(readlink -f "$ca_dir")"
## NOTE: All *.key files are encrypted, *.crt and others are saved in plaintext
## Create unencrypted ca dir to manage keys
# make-cadir can not use existing directory, it creates a new one
test -d "$ca_plaintext_dir" && rm -fr "$ca_plaintext_dir"
make-cadir "$ca_plaintext_dir"
# remove default configs
rm -fr "$ca_plaintext_dir"/vars
rm -fr "$ca_plaintext_dir"/*.cnf
## Copy files from ca dir
cp "$ca_dir"/vars "$ca_dir"/*.cnf "$ca_plaintext_dir"
mkdir "$ca_plaintext_dir"/keys
cp "$ca_dir"/keys/* "$ca_plaintext_dir"/keys
## Decrypt encrypted files
# we need to be in directory with ansible.cfg to make ansible-vault use it
find "$ca_plaintext_dir"/keys -name '*.key' -print0 | \
xargs -0 --max-args=1 --verbose -- ansible-vault decrypt
case "$cert_type" in
die "$usage_info"
cd "$ca_plaintext_dir"
source ./vars
echo "$build_script" "$cert_name"
"$build_script" "$cert_name"
## Encrypt plaintext files
cd "$scriptdir"
ansible-vault encrypt "$ca_plaintext_dir"/keys/"$cert_name".key
## Copy new certs and keys back to ca dir
cp -f "$ca_plaintext_dir"/keys/"$cert_name".* "$ca_plaintext_dir"/keys/[0-9]*.pem "$ca_plaintext_dir"/keys/*.txt "$ca_plaintext_dir"/keys/*.attr "$ca_plaintext_dir"/keys/serial "$ca_dir"/keys
# Copy easy-rsa files like
## Remove unnecessary ca plaintext dir
rm -fr "$ca_plaintext_dir"
echo "NOTE: don't forget to commit new files to git"
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