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Last active Aug 5, 2016
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Programming JavaFX in Clojure.
;;; Namespace for gui detail.
(ns clojure.fxml
( StringWriter)
( XMLOutputFactory)
(javafx.scene.layout AnchorPane GridPane ColumnConstraints Priority)
(javafx.scene.control TitledPane)
(javafx.geometry HPos VPos)))
(def fxdoc
:id "AnchorPane"
:prefHeight 400.0
:prefWidth 600.0
:xmlns:fx ""
:layoutX 172.0
:layoutY 162.0
:prefHeight 94.0
:prefWidth 272.0
:style "-fx-background-color: lightgreen"
:animated false
:contentDisplay HPos/LEFT
:minHeight 16.0
:minWidth 78.0
:prefHeight 59.0
:prefWidth 130.0
:text "untitled"
'GridPane/columnIndex 0
'GridPane/halignment HPos/CENTER
'GridPane/hgrow Priority/NEVER
'GridPane/rowIndex 0
'GridPane/valignment VPos/CENTER
'GridPane/vgrow Priority/NEVER
:id "Content"
:minHeight 0.0
:minWidth 0.0
:prefHeight 33.0
:prefWidth 132.0]]]]
:fillWidth false
:halignment HPos/LEFT
:hgrow Priority/ALWAYS
:maxWidth -1.0
:minWidth 10.0
:prefWidth 100.0]]]]])
(defn ^{:private true} write-attributes [writer pairs]
(doseq [pair pairs]
(let [aname (nth pair 0)
uname (if (symbol? aname)
(let [nsp (namespace (nth pair 0))
sym (symbol nsp)
rsv (ns-resolve
(str (.getName rsv) "." (name aname)))
(name aname))
avalu (.toString (nth pair 1))]
(.writeAttribute writer uname avalu))))
(defn ^{:private true} write-tags [writer node]
(let [tag (.getName (first node))
chlds (rest node)
attr? (complement vector?)
attrs (filter attr? chlds)
pairs (partition 2 attrs)
vecs (filter vector? chlds)]
(.writeStartElement writer tag)
(write-attributes writer pairs)
(doseq [v vecs]
(write-tags writer v))
(.writeEndElement writer)))
(defn tofxml [root]
(let [factory (XMLOutputFactory/newInstance)
str-wrt (StringWriter. )
xml-sw (.createXMLStreamWriter factory str-wrt)]
(doto xml-sw
(write-tags root)
(println (.toString (.getBuffer str-wrt)))))
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