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GUI for a metadata scraping program
(ns osc-scrape.gui
(:use [osc-scrape core util])
(:import [javax.swing
JFrame JPanel JButton
JCheckBox JLabel
JOptionPane SwingWorker]
:main true))
(defmacro on-action
"Macro to add action listeners to Swing components"
[component event & body]
`(. ~component addActionListener
(proxy [java.awt.event.ActionListener] []
(actionPerformed [~event] ~@body))))
#_"Component Definitions"
(def btn-run (JButton. "Run Scrape"))
(def chkbox-scrape (doto (JCheckBox. "Scrape")
(.setSelected true)))
(def chkbox-scrape-and-dl (JCheckBox. "Scrape & Download"))
(def lbl-status (JLabel. "Status: (Not Running)"))
(on-action btn-run event
(let [statuses (map #(.isSelected %) [chkbox-scrape chkbox-scrape-and-dl])]
(if (every? #(= false %) statuses)
"You must select at least one scrape option before running the scrape"
"Scrape Options"
(doto (proxy [SwingWorker] []
(doInBackground []
(.setText lbl-status "Status: RUNNING SCRAPE, please be patient.")
(if (= true (.isSelected chkbox-scrape-and-dl))
(start-scrape outline scrape-urls true)
(start-scrape outline scrape-urls false)))
(done []
(.setText lbl-status "Status: COMPLETE")))
(def layout (MigLayout. "wrap 3", "[][]"))
(def pnl-main (doto (JPanel. layout)
(.add btn-run)
(.add chkbox-scrape)
(.add chkbox-scrape-and-dl)
(.add lbl-status "span 3, growx, gaptop 15")))
(def frame (doto (JFrame. "OSC Site Scraper")
(.setSize 370 130)
(.setContentPane pnl-main)))
(defn- create-and-show-gui []
(.setVisible frame true))
(defn -main
(javax.swing.SwingUtilities/invokeLater create-and-show-gui))
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