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Last active May 24, 2016
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RiotJS wrapper for the Trix text editor
<input id={'trix-'+_riot_id} value={opts.content} type="hidden" />
<trix-editor name="trix" class="trix-content" input={'trix-'+_riot_id} ></trix-editor>
* <trix trix-change={changetext} content={content}></trix>
* You can bind to any of the trix events
this.on('mount', function(){
jQuery(this.trix).on('trix-initialize trix-change trix-selection-change trix-focus trix-blur trix-file-accept trix-attachment-add trix-attachment-remove', function(e){
// opts are turned to camel case - match to that
e.type = e.type.replace(/-([a-z])/g, function (m, w) { return w.toUpperCase(); });
if(typeof this.opts[e.type] === 'function'){
this.opts[e.type].call(this, e, this.trix, this["{'trix-'+_riot_id}"].value);
this.on('before-unmount', function(){
this.original = null;
delete this.original;
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