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Splitting --all-databases backup to per-database .sql files.
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# Credit goes to:
# splitmysqldump - split mysqldump file into per-database dump files.
use strict;
use warnings;
my $dbfile;
my $dbname = q{};
my $header = q{};
while (<>) {
# Beginning of a new database section:
# close currently open file and start a new one
if (m/-- Current Database\: \`([-\w]+)\`/) {
if (defined $dbfile && tell $dbfile != -1) {
close $dbfile or die "Could not close file!"
$dbname = $1;
open $dbfile, ">>", "$1_dump.sql" or die "Could not create file!";
print $dbfile $header;
print "Writing file $1_dump.sql ...\n";
if (defined $dbfile && tell $dbfile != -1) {
print $dbfile $_;
# Catch dump file header in the beginning
# to be printed to each separate dump file.
if (! $dbname) { $header .= $_; }
close $dbfile or die "Could not close file!"
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