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@seraphr seraphr/build.sbt
Created Feb 7, 2019

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sbt all command
val dockerPublish = taskKey[Unit]("ダミーのタスク。本来sbt-native-packagerのやつ")
lazy val commonSettings = Def.settings(
dockerPublish := {
import java.time.LocalTime
println(s"${} ${name.value} のpublish開始")
// 並列で実行されるのがわかりやすいように、途中sleepする
println(s"${} ${name.value} のpublish終了")
lazy val a = project
lazy val b = project
lazy val c = project
> all a/dockerPublish b/dockerPublish
16:42:10.772 a のpublish開始
16:42:10.772 b のpublish開始
16:42:13.774 a のpublish終了
16:42:13.775 b のpublish終了
[success] Total time: 3 s, completed 2019/02/07 16:42:13
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