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WOFF 2.0 – Learn more about the next generation Web Font Format and convert TTF to WOFF2


Google Chrome Developers says:

The new WOFF 2.0 Web Font compression format offers a 30% average gain over WOFF 1.0 (up to 50%+ in some cases). WOFF 2.0 is available since Chrome 36 and Opera 23.

Some examples of file size differences: WOFF vs. WOFF2

TTF to WOFF2 converting

Embed WOFF2 in CSS (with WOFF fallback)

@font-face {
	font-family: MyFont;
		url('myfont.woff2') format('woff2'),
		url('myfont.woff') format('woff');
Base64 Data-URI

Of course you can use WOFF2 as a Base64 encoded string:

@font-face {
	font-family: MyFont;
		url('data:font/woff2;base64,...') format('woff2'),
		url('data:font/woff;base64,...') format('woff');

Good to know

  • Please no serverside GZIP compression for WOFF files, because WOFF already contains compressed data.
  • Think about the correct mime type for WOFF 2.0 files (Google uses font/woff2. W3C recommends application/font-woff2):
NGINX: WOFF2 mime type
types {
    application/font-woff2  woff2;
APACHE: WOFF2 mime type
AddType  application/font-woff2  .woff2

Browser Support

  • Google Chrome 36
  • Opera 23
  • Firefox 35 (disabled by default)

Helpful links

Powered by

Sergej Müller

Is there anything for Windows users, without cURL?

You can add Opera 23 to the list of browsers supporting WOFF 2.0.


sergejmueller commented Jul 28, 2014

Verified, accepted, edited ;) Thanks.


sergejmueller commented Sep 9, 2014


Just for the record: using windows powershell 3+ the equivalent code to the curl example would be:

Invoke-RestMethod -InFile "/local/path/font.ttf" -OutFile "/local/path/font.woff2" -ContentType "font/ttf" -Headers @{"accept"="font/woff2"} -Method POST -Uri

Sadly - glyphs that have a horizontal offset (mostly occurring in icon fonts) are normalized to zero while their bounding boxes stay the same. Results are glyphs that should've been centered in a box is now aligned left... :(

  • Chrome for Android 37, default browsers for Nexus 7 & Motorola Moto G

What are the command-line options for converting TTF to WOFF2?

mpybkk commented Nov 3, 2014

Wondering the same, is there still no command line options?

+1 on a command-line option!

What's missing from this gist is a feature test. We are using this one to detect WOFF2 supports

And serve WOFF or WOFF2 base64 encoded in a JSON file depending on the outcome. Basically like how The Guardian does it. This was an early prototype mimicking that behavior (without WOFF2 detection) , enjoy! :)

paamayim commented Dec 9, 2014

In case anyone else has tried to retrieve the google hosted .woff2 in latin subset only, it will show all subsets(for some reason). To avoid that, it's possible to include the full range of characters in the url:!%22#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@[]^_`{|}~
See for an example

You can also download the full google font package on my site[ ] in case anyone wants to quickly grab the files to host locally..

arebee commented Dec 16, 2014

To add the MIME type on IIS use:

appcmd set config /section:staticContent /+"[fileExtension='.woff2',mimeType='application/font-woff2']"

majodev commented Jan 4, 2015

You can also easily get woff2 files (and all other formats for any combined subset/charset) of any Google web font via my lil' service google-webfonts-helper.

Thanks for this great gist, I will embed it in a special FAQ on the front page of my service ASAP.

How come the woff2 mimetype has not been registered with the IANA?

use .ahtacess works for me

zachleat commented Feb 6, 2015

Can you add a warning here about Data-URI embedding multiple file formats? It’s not a recommended practice, it negates the page weight benefits offered by WOFF2 if you include both Data URIs in a single file.

Google uses font/woff2

Could you please point to a specific example of this?

Edit: To answer my own question:
And here's hoping they rectify that: has a online & a command tool to convert any font to woff2. You don't need to install any program. font-packs also works (you get one woff2 file for every font

Does it work in SVG?

As someone who uses the Data-URI method, is there an option for loading the correct type from the server? As @zachleat said, it makes no sense to embed both in a single file.

blaja commented Jul 9, 2015

You can also add FF 39 stable to the list, it is enabled by default now, which is great.

W3C now recommends font/woff and font/woff2 for WOFF and WOFF2. See

Hi guys. Made a NodeJS wrapper for the Google lib, thought you could be interested in adding it to this document:

Is there a way to convert WOFF 2.0 to WOFF 1.0?

Haroenv commented Aug 13, 2016

Safari 10 should have support for it too.

@jungshik is right. The W3C now recommend using font/woff2 as the MIME type:

@anthony-geoghegan how can one figure out whether apache is using the W3C/IANA mime type (font/woff2) or the previous mime type (application/font-woff2)?

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