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asnp *SharePoint* -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
// URL of the Web App to change the Application Pool of.
$WebAppURL = "http://WebApp"
// name of the name Application Pool that will be created.
$NewAppPoolName = "NewAppPool"
//the user account that the Application Pool will run under the context of.
$NewAppPoolUserName = "contoso\apppool"
/* All done. Go time. */
$Farm = Get-SPFarm
$Service = $Farm.Services | where {$_.TypeName -eq "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application"}
$Password = Read-Host -Prompt "Please enter your password" -AsSecureString
$NewAppPool = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPApplicationPool($NewAppPoolName,$Service)
$NewAppPool.CurrentIdentityType = "SpecificUser"
$NewAppPool.Username = $NewAppPoolUserName
$NewAppPool = $Service.ApplicationPools[$NewAppPoolName]
$WebApp = Get-SPWebApplication $WebAppURL
$WAAppPool = $WebApp.ApplicationPool = $NewAppPool
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