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diagram EC2
from diagrams import Diagram, Cluster
from import EC2
from import ELB
from import Route53
from diagrams.onprem.database import PostgreSQL # Would typically use RDS from aws.database
from diagrams.onprem.inmemory import Redis # Would typically use ElastiCache from aws.database
with Diagram("Simple Website Diagram", direction='LR') as diag: # It's LR by default, but you have a few options with the orientation
dns = Route53("dns")
load_balancer = ELB("Load Balancer")
database = PostgreSQL("User Database")
cache = Redis("Cache")
with Cluster("Webserver Cluster"):
svc_group = [EC2("Webserver 1"),
EC2("Webserver 2"),
EC2("Webserver 3")]
dns >> load_balancer >> svc_group
svc_group >> cache
svc_group >> database
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sergiolucero commented Jul 12, 2022


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