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namespace AzureAD
using System.Collections.Generic;
using Microsoft.Extensions.Options;
using Umbraco.Cms.Web.Common.Security;
using Umbraco.Cms.Core;
public class AzureB2CMembersExternalLoginProviderOptions : IConfigureNamedOptions<MemberExternalLoginProviderOptions>
public const string SchemeName = "OpenIdConnect";
public void Configure(string name, MemberExternalLoginProviderOptions options)
if (name != Constants.Security.MemberExternalAuthenticationTypePrefix + SchemeName)
public void Configure(MemberExternalLoginProviderOptions options)
options.AutoLinkOptions = new MemberExternalSignInAutoLinkOptions(
// Must be true for auto-linking to be enabled
autoLinkExternalAccount: true,
// Optionally specify the default culture to create
// the user as. If null it will use the default
// culture defined in the web.config, or it can
// be dynamically assigned in the OnAutoLinking
// callback.
defaultCulture: null,
// Optionally specify the default "IsApprove" status. Must be true for auto-linking.
defaultIsApproved: true,
// Optionally specify the member type alias. Default is "Member"
defaultMemberTypeAlias: "Member"
// Optionally specify the member groups names to add the auto-linking user to.
//defaultMemberGroups: new List<string> { "Group1" } --> Issue on github:
// Optional callback
OnAutoLinking = (autoLinkUser, loginInfo) =>
// You can customize the user before it's linked.
// i.e. Modify the user's groups based on the Claims returned
// in the externalLogin info
OnExternalLogin = (user, loginInfo) =>
// You can customize the user before it's saved whenever they have
// logged in with the external provider.
// i.e. Sync the user's name based on the Claims returned
// in the externalLogin info
return true; //returns a boolean indicating if sign in should continue or not.
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