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Awesome lazyness in lisp by Conrad Barski
; from Land of Lisp by Conrad Barski MD.
; lazy eval is awesome...
; and lazy!
(defmacro lazy (&body body)
(let ((forced (gensym))
(value (gensym)))
`(let ((,forced nil)
(,value nil))
(lambda ()
(unless ,forced
(setf ,value (progn ,@body))
(setf ,forced t))
(defun force (lazy-value)
(funcall lazy-value))
; lazy lists... they need to get a job!
(defmacro lazy-cons (a d)
`(lazy (cons ,a ,d)))
(defun lazy-car (x)
(car (force x)))
(defun lazy-cdr (x)
(cdr (force x)))
; termination & checking if null
(defun lazy-nil ()
(lazy nil))
(defun lazy-null (x)
(not (force x)))
; make a list lazy,
; meditate on this a bit...
(defun make-lazy (lst)
(lazy (when lst
(cons (car lst) (make-lazy (cdr lst))))))
; un-lazy some or all of a list
(defun take (n lst)
(unless (or (zerop n) (lazy-null lst))
(cons (lazy-car lst) (take (1- n) (lazy-cdr lst)))))
(defun take-all (lst)
(unless (lazy-null lst)
(cons (lazy-car lst) (take-all (lazy-cdr lst)))))
; mapping & searching through lazy lists...
; makin 'em do some work!!!
(defun lazy-mapcar (fun lst)
(lazy (unless (lazy-null lst)
(cons (funcall fun (lazy-car lst))
(lazy-mapcar fun (lazy-cdr lst))))))
(defun lazy-mapcan (fun lst)
(labels ((f (lst-cur)
(if (lazy-null lst-cur)
(force (lazy-mapcan fun (lazy-cdr lst)))
(cons (lazy-car lst-cur) (lazy (f (lazy-cdr lst-cur)))))))
(lazy (unless (lazy-null lst)
(f (funcall fun (lazy-car lst)))))))
(defun lazy-find-if (fun lst)
(unless (lazy-null lst)
(let ((x (lazy-car lst)))
(if (funcall fun x)
(lazy-find-if fun (lazy-cdr lst))))))
(defun lazy-nth (n lst)
(if (zerop n)
(lazy-car lst)
(lazy-nth (1- n) (lazy-cdr lst))))
; example:
(defparameter *integers*
(labels ((f (n)
(lazy-cons n (f (1+ n)))))
(f 1)))
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