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Last active March 29, 2016 08:45
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Interesting UX resources

Why the "Hamburger Menu" is bad UX

The Characteristics of Minimalism in WebDesign

How to do filtering on eCommerce websites right (design patterns)

1 min round-up: Native vs Mobile Web vs Desktop Web

Paul Irish performance reviews reddit-mobile

The Need For Speed 2 (Front-end optimizations)

Two videos on speed on the web from Fluent Conf 2015

Secrets to Lightning Fast Mobile Design (also applies for mobile web)

Making a difference with Performance

How Do Users Really Hold Mobile Devices

Infinite Scrolling. When to use it.

Active vs Passive UX

Choosing the right client-side framework

Above the fold critical CSS rendering

CSS Flexbox for light-weight responsive web-mobile-first designs

And obviously:

and maybe more for the devs ;)

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