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Created November 24, 2018 02:20
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Deploying Static Web App to AWS

By: Serverless Guru

Author: Ryan Jones

Date: 11/23/2018


Setting up a basic website can be time consuming. This template aims to cut that time down dramatically.


Serverless makes it easy by leveraging a plugin called, Serverless Finch. Serverless Finch allows you to point the distrubutionFolder property to where you production files live (e.g. dist/ or src/).


After you clone the repo and install the dependencies you can simply run npm run deploy <stage> <region> and you will have a website up.


  • Install--npm install

  • Deploy--npm run deploy <stage> <region> (Ex: npm run deploy dev us-west-1 or npm run deploy prod us-west-2)

  • Remove--npm run remove <stage> <region> (Ex: npm run remove dev us-west-1 or npm run remove prod us-west-2)


Once you have a basic website deploying using this template then you can expand any direction you choose. For instance, why not build an Angular app.

Angular Example:

Building/Deploying an Angular app is easy with the Angular CLI and this template.

React Example:

Building/Deploying a React app is easy with the create-react-app CLI and this template.

Basic Website Example:

Building/Deploying a basic website is easy with this template. All you need to do is add your own html, css, and js. Into the /public directory and everything will be handled for you.

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Ryan Jones

Founder & Lead Cloud Developer at Serverless Guru

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