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seryh/views.cljs Secret

Last active December 9, 2016 06:33
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(ns stats.views
(:require [reagent.core :as reagent]
[stats.rpc :as rpc]
[stats.utils :refer-macros [map<]]
[reagent.ratom :refer-macros [reaction]]
[re-frame.core :as rf :refer [subscribe dispatch]]
[re-com.core :refer [button h-box v-box box gap horizontal-bar-tabs label title p label]]))
(def chart-1 (atom nil))
(defn add-point-order [^Atom chart ^Date date ^Number y]
(when-let [chart @chart-1]
(let [series-order (:series-order chart)
point [(.getTime date) y]]
(.addPoint series-order (clj->js point))
(map< series-order point))))
(add-point-order chart-1 (js/Date.) (rand-int 100))
(def chart-config
{:chart {:type "spline"
:animation "Highcharts.svg"
:events {:load (fn [] (this-as this
(let [series-order (nth (.-series this) 0)
series-cancel (nth (.-series this) 1)]
(swap! chart-1 merge (map< series-order series-cancel)))) nil)}}
:title {:text "Количество поездок"}
:xAxis {:type "datetime"}
:yAxis {:title {:text "Количество"
:align "high"}}
:plotOptions {:bar {:dataLabels {:enabled true}}}
:credits {:enabled false}
:series [{:name "Заказы":data []}
{:name "Отмены":data []}]})
(defn home-did-mount [this]
(js/Highcharts.Chart. (reagent/dom-node this) (clj->js chart-config)))
(defn chart-count-view []
(reagent/create-class {:reagent-render (fn []
[:div {:style {:margin "20px auto"}}])
:component-did-mount home-did-mount}))
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