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#!/usr/bin/env python2.7
from __future__ import division
from PIL import Image
import math
import os
def long_slice(image_path, out_name, outdir, slice_size):
"""slice an image into parts slice_size tall"""
img =
width, height = img.size
upper, left = 0, 0
slices = int(math.ceil(height/slice_size))
count = 1
for slice in range(slices):
# if we are at the end, set the lower bound to be the bottom of the image
if count == slices: lower = height
else: lower = int(count * slice_size)
# set the bounding box! The important bit
bbox = (left, upper, width, lower)
working_slice = img.crop(bbox)
upper += slice_size
# save the slice
slice_name = './' + out_name + "/slice_", slice_name + out_name + "_" + \
str(count) + ".png"))
count +=1
def check_if_directory_exists(directory):
"""creats a directory if it doesn't exist"""
if not os.path.exists(directory):
if __name__ == '__main__':
img ='warp_speed.5978d1405660e365872cf72dddc7515603f657f12526bd61e56feacf332cccad.jpg')
w, h = img.size
half_width = int(w/2)
img_left = img.crop((0, 0, half_width, h)).save('warp-left.png')
img_right = img.crop((half_width, 0, w, h)).save('warp-right.png')
# slice_size is the max height of the slices in pixels
long_slice("warp-right.png", "right", os.getcwd(), 7)
long_slice("warp-left.png", "left", os.getcwd(), 7)
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