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Created December 10, 2023 06:33
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RoadToJobs Cloud Platform - Closing Notice

RoadToJobs Cloud - Closing Notice

Hey all,

It's me Seth, the owner of RoadToJobs platform.

Thank you for supporting the RoadToJobs OSS version & RoadToJobs Cloud Platform for the past few months.

I want to inform to you guys that the Cloud Platform will be shutdown on 31st December, 2023.

Unfortunately, it seems like RoadToJobs is not suitable for the current job-seeker generation. Even though, I do believe that if you keep write notes, write preparations,... You'd end up having a great job afterward.

I've been the only user that using RoadToJobs - my own software - weekly.

There were a lot of big plans in RoadToJobs' future, but seems like I failed, but it gave me good lessons :D.

Things that I learned from RoadToJobs are definitely treasure.

If you think you want to buy RoadToJobs Premium Platform (codebase, domain,...). Can always send me an email via:

Thanks all! Have a lovely day!

Note: the RoadToJobs OSS version will be always be there, feel free to use it.

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