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Observe workshop SOTMUS 2019

observe workshop!


  • 20 minutes set up & introduction
    • 5 minutes intro
    • 10 minutes app install & edit ideas
    • 5 minutes edit & person groups
  • 20 minutes mapping
  • 20 minutes how did it go? what should happen next?
    • 10 minutes small group discussion & sending feedback
    • 10 minutes whole group discussion

Create an account on the dev OSM server

Observe currently communicates with an OSM dev server. We'll use the dev server in this workshop because we're testing the app's functionality, not making permanent changes to public OSM.

Create an account here:

You'll use this to log in with the app.

Get the app


Please provide your email via this form: (or come see me)

You'll recieve an email with a link to register your device. After that you'll receive another email with a link to download the app.

When visiting the link to download the app, make sure to use safari. It only works with safari.


You should be able to install without extra steps. Download the app from here:

Let's map

While the app is downloading, let's figure out what to map

At your table, write down all the things you enjoy mapping. Write each one on their own post-it note.

Next, place your post-its at the front of the room. If you see a similar post-it put yours next to it.

After we've done that for a few minutes, we'll group them more carefully.

We'll create groups of 3 or so people, and each group will claim a type of edit they'd like to focus on.

Once your group has claimed an edit type and has at least one mobile device with the app installed, you're ready to map!

Mapping party!

  • Map as much of the area in and around the venue as possible
  • Download tiles for offline use
  • Turn off data and map offline
  • Turn data back on and attempt to sync changes
  • Have an edit war within your group to see how conflict handling works
  • Create points of interest
  • Edit other geometries
  • Use #observetest in your changeset comment

Report back

What happened while you were mapping? Let us know here:

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