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Bash one-liner to print a list of unique names in ownCloud apps
# Create a temporary file to store the results of the script
tmpfile=$(mktemp /tmp/dirnames.XXX);
# Print the directories found in each app directory
for i in $( ls . )
ls -A $i >> $tmpfile
# Sort and print a unique list of the discovered directories
sort < $tmpfile | uniq
# Remove the temp file after use
unlink $tmpfile
tmpfile=$(mktemp /tmp/dirnames.XXX) && for i in $( ls . ); do ls -A $i >> $tmpfile; done && sort < $tmpfile | uniq && unlink $tmpfile

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settermjd commented Jan 30, 2019

Recently, I've been updating a section of the ownCloud developer tutorial, and needed to find a unique list of the names of directories that are commonly available for ownCloud apps. This bash one-liner almost did the trick.

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