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Handle Umlauts and other characters in DOMPDF
$pdf = new DOMPDF();

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commented Oct 1, 2013

I was having trouble outputting them and found this to work. I uncovered it at (right at the end). Please be aware that this was tested with PDFLib as the PDF backend.


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commented Oct 2, 2013

utf8_decode() isn't nice to your text unless your characters are already iso-8859-1 compatible. It's a lossy (and dumb) decode, meaning if PHP can't find a suitable replacement it will discard your characters (or replace with ? ... I don't remember which). Review the comments in the documentation.

If you're using dompdf v0.6.x you can encode your document with UTF-8, just be sure to supply the content type meta tag indicating the encoding (see the Unicode How-To). If you're using v0.5.x you should encode your document in iso-8859-1 to begin with.

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