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namespace MaltBlue\Model;
use Zend\InputFilter\Factory as InputFactory;
use Zend\InputFilter\InputFilter;
use Zend\InputFilter\InputFilterAwareInterface;
use Zend\InputFilter\InputFilterInterface;
use MaltBlue\Filter\Float;
class CountryDebt implements InputFilterAwareInterface
public $countryId;
public $debtLevel;
public $debtId;
protected $inputFilter;
// Add content to these methods:
public function setInputFilter(InputFilterInterface $inputFilter)
throw new \Exception("Not used");
public function exchangeArray($data)
$this->countryId = (isset($data['countryId'])) ? $data['countryId'] : null;
$this->debtId = (isset($data['debtId'])) ? $data['debtId'] : null;
$this->debtLevel = (isset($data['debtLevel'])) ? $data['debtLevel'] : null;
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