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Created June 19, 2020 09:22
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Making your terminal look cool
$ sudo apt install cmatrix
$ vim ~/.bash_aliases
alias matrix="tmux new-session\; split-window -h -p 13\; select-pane -t 0\; split-window -h -p 85\; select-pane -t 1\; split-window -v -p 25\; select-pane -t 0\; send-keys 'cmatrix -u 9' C-m\; select-pane -t 3\; send-keys 'cmatrix -u 9' C-m\; select-pane -t 2\; send-keys 'dcu' C-m\; select-pane -t 1\;"
$ source ~/.bash_aliases
$ matrix
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