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Last active Jul 26, 2020
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Compile a full-featured Vim (w/ Python, Ruby, etc.).

compile full Vim

The default Vim installed on most Linux distros lacks a number of vital features, like xterm_clipboard (allows copy-and-pasting to the system clipboard) and python (on which certain plugins rely). The shell script removes the currently installed Vim and compiles a full-featured version; it's based entirely off Valloric's YouCompleteMe walkthrough, which it bundles into a simple script for convenience. Vim will be compiled with the following feature flags:

  • --with-features=huge
  • --enable-multibyte
  • --enable-rubyinterp
  • --enable-pythoninterp
  • --enable-perlinterp
  • --enable-luainterp
  • --enable-gui=gtk2
  • --enable-cscope

Note that it's written for anything Debian-like. See the original walkthrough for help with other distros.

#! /bin/bash
# Description:
# Compile a full-featured Vim from source on Ubuntu/Debian distros. Based
# entirely on
# Use:
# ./
echo "y" | sudo apt-get remove \
vim \
vim-runtime \
gvim \
vim-tiny \
vim-common \
echo "y" | sudo apt-get install \
libncurses5-dev \
libgnome2-dev \
libgnomeui-dev \
libgtk2.0-dev \
libatk1.0-dev \
libbonoboui2-dev \
libcairo2-dev \
libx11-dev \
libxpm-dev \
libxt-dev \
python-dev ruby-dev \
cd ~
hg clone
cd vim
./configure --with-features=huge \
--enable-multibyte \
--enable-rubyinterp \
--enable-pythoninterp \
--with-python-config-dir=/usr/lib/python2.7/config \
--enable-perlinterp \
--enable-luainterp \
--enable-gui=gtk2 \
--enable-cscope \
make VIMRUNTIMEDIR=/usr/share/vim/vim74
sudo make install

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@xahon xahon commented Sep 16, 2018

git clone --depth=1


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@Hitlrsociety420 Hitlrsociety420 commented Oct 6, 2019

You can use omni complete if you don't enable python 3? On your config haven't activated python3.

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