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Last active November 3, 2015 14:53
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Use git log to grab a quick summary of what's changed between versions.
git log --pretty=format:"- %s%n%n %b" --no-merges v3.0.5.1..v3.1.0
  • Reference local css file

  • Add local copy of calculator css

    In order to allow SSL, a local copy of the calculator css has been added to the app.

  • Add a local copy of calculator script

    To enable SSL, I've added a local copy of the calculator script to our application.

  • Add constant for the API

    Added a APIURL constant to capture the some.url/api/ endpoint created in #ISSUE-179. Closes #ISSUE-176.

  • Make API URLs protocol agnostic

    Our API URLs were referencing http:// which causes errors when trying to serve over SSL. This has been changes to // (protocol agnostic).

  • Reference internal loading gif

    The gif being used originated from some.url. We're now referencing an internal gif for security reasons.

  • Merge location fix from 3.1.0

    I fixed a bug initially reported by Justin in 3.1.0 branch. I'm pulling it in here to take advantage of the fix on the current live site.

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