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Sending message to ITS: {username: "", classInfo: "", studentId: "139672", externalId: 185748, session: "9ad0bca4-ef98-4b08-ad3a-309ba7fde81d", …}action: "SUBMITTED"actor: "USER"classInfo: ""context: {species: "Drake", challengeCriteria: {…}, userSelections: {…}, correct: false, incrementMoves: true, …}externalId: 185748sequence: 27session: "9ad0bca4-ef98-4b08-ad3a-309ba7fde81d"studentId: "139672"target: "ORGANISM"time: 1522956006997username: ""__proto__: Object
Message received from ITS: {"type":"Debug","message":"Tutor - handling: USER-SUBMITTED-ORGANISM user=139672","time":1522956007076}
Message received from ITS: {"type":"Debug","message":"Load rules from:","time":1522956007078}
Message received from ITS: {"type":"Debug","message":"Load rules from:","time":1522956007080}
Message received from ITS: {"type":"Debug","message":"Evaluate rules for: 139672 ( | Slice2-June26 | allele-targetMatch-hidden-simpleDom)","time":1522956007521}
Message received from ITS: {"type":"Debug","message":"Update student model for: 139672","time":1522956007522}
Message received from ITS: {"type":"Debug","message":"Rules Triggered: 8 rules fired\n+Rule Triggered: LG1.C2a -> 1 | ruleId: 4 source:\n+Rule Triggered: LG1.C2b -> 1 | ruleId: 4 source:\n+Rule Triggered: LG1.A3 -> 1 | ruleId: 27 source:\n-Rule Triggered: LG1.C2a -> -1 | ruleId: 14 source:\n-Rule Triggered: LG1.C2b -> -1 | ruleId: 14 source:\n-Rule Triggered: LG1.C2a -> -1 | ruleId: 21 source:\n-Rule Triggered: LG1.C2b -> -1 | ruleId: 21 source:\n-Rule Triggered: LG1.P2 -> -1 | ruleId: 13 source:","time":1522956007528}
Message received from ITS: {"type":"Debug","message":"Select hint for: 139672","time":1522956007528}
Message received from ITS: {"type":"Debug","message":"Set student data in dashboard db; path=1/userState/https%3A%2F%2Flearn%2Econcord%2Eorg%2Fapi%2Fv1%2Fclasses%2F7300/https%3A%2F%2Flearn%2Econcord%2Eorg%2F139672/itsData","time":1522956007530}
Message received from ITS: {"type":"Debug","message":"Successfully set student data in dashboard db.","time":1522956070964}
ITS Message Reason: MisconceptionDetected {why: "MisconceptionDetected", ruleId: 14, ruleSource: "", trait: "forelimbs"}
Message received from ITS: {"message":{"id":"ITS.CONCEPT.FEEDBACK","text":"Arms are a dominant trait. If a drake has a \"Arms\" allele, it will have arms.","args":{"trait":"forelimbs"}},"time":1522956007529,"reason":{"why":"MisconceptionDetected","ruleId":14,"ruleSource":"","trait":"forelimbs"}}
Message received from ITS: {"type":"Debug","message":"Event handled -> ITS action sent to client","time":1522956070965}
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