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ConnectedSpaces (or whatever other name...) thoughts.
// This is what using the connected-spaces library would look like from the
// perspective of the application that is consuming it, such connected-bio.
/** **** app.js **** */
import ConnectedSpaces from 'conected-spaces'
import PopulationsSpace from './wrapped-components/populations-space'
render () {
<ConnectedSpaces collection={this.state.collectionArray}>
<Space enabled={true} selected={true} component={PopulationsSpace} />
<Space enabled={true} component={OrganismScopeSpace} />
<Space enabled={false} component={ProteinSpace} />
/** **** wrapped-components/populations-space.js **** */
/** (simple wrapping example) */
import PopulationsReact from 'populations'
class PopulationsSpace extends Component {
// `addItemToCollection` prop is added by the Spaces component
handleSelectOrganism(org) {
data: org,
type: "Organism",
thumbnail: org.getImage()
// called directly from Spaces parent component. Could be a prop change, but
// we don't necessarily want to trigger a re-render.
triggerItemSelectedFromCollection(item) {
if (item.type === "Organism") {
render() {
onSelectOrganism={this.handleSelectOrganism} />
/** **** wrapped-components/organism-scope-space.js **** */
/** (more complex wrapping example, with common UI elements taken from connected-spaces lib) */
import OrganismScope from 'organism-scope'
import { MainPanel, ModelFrame, BarChart } from 'connected-spaces'
class OrganismScopeSpace extends Component {
triggerItemSelectedFromCollection(item) {
if (item.type === "Organism") {
render() {
<OrganismScope org={this.state.currentOrg} />
<BarChart data={this.state.currentOrg.substances} />
// NOTE: If the "organism-scope" model were being written with the connected-spaces app and UI in mind, it might
// simply export this as the main app directly, in which case it wouldn't need to be separately wrapped by the
// connected-bio app. Wrapping is mostly for models such as Populations which are more likely to be used in
// other contexts, and don't know about connected-spaces.
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