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WDI Lab - April 8, 2013


You will be creating a movies app using Sinatra and the OMDB API.


  • Ability to search for a movie by title
  • Ability to click on a search result to see detailed information about a movie including:
    • Title
    • Year
    • Rating
    • Runtime
    • Genre
    • Plot summary
    • Poster image
    • IMDB rating
    • Director(s)
    • Actors(s)

Make the landing page for movie titles beautiful, and incorporate some of the techniques we went over in class.

Using the OMDB API

Search for movies by title

Return movie information by title and year (optional)

Return movie information by imdbID

  • Add Rotten Tomatoes data to the movie page
  • Add "I'm Feeling Lucky" button to home page
  • Automatically redirect the user to the movie page if there's only one search result
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