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], function( jQuery ) {
// Register as a named AMD module, since jQuery can be concatenated with other
// files that may use define, but not via a proper concatenation script that
// understands anonymous AMD modules. A named AMD is safest and most robust
// way to register. Lowercase jquery is used because AMD module names are
// derived from file names, and jQuery is normally delivered in a lowercase
// file name. Do this after creating the global so that if an AMD module wants
// to call noConflict to hide this version of jQuery, it will work.
// Note that for maximum portability, libraries that are not jQuery should
// declare themselves as anonymous modules, and avoid setting a global if an
// AMD loader is present. jQuery is a special case. For more information, see
if ( typeof define === "function" && define.amd ) {
define( "jquery", [], function() {
return jQuery;
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