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Created Jul 2, 2018
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Dynamics NAV 2018 C/AL: Good to know

Notes Firebrand Dynamics NAV Course 06.18

  • It might be problematic using web client with windows login; use good passwords as these pages are scanned by “hackers”
  • TIP: Use Test Tool to speed up interface after starting server -> primes the cache by running most common tasks
  • More and more customisations moving into Extensions, Localisation should also move there
  • TIP: in C/AL Designers last (empty) line properties show properties of the Object
  • TIP: Enable Configure Mode to set up roles -> Navclient.exe -configure -> stores UI changes for roles
  • New Development environment is running in Docker, MS provides packages
  • CODE: Arrays have a fixed size, no dynamic length
  • CODE: Breaking loop in REPEAT UNTIL:
    • FINDSET if not breaking loop -> SQL server keeps cache
    • FIND if breaking loop -> faster as no reserverd cache
  • CODE: Transferfields to move “same” fields from one record to another, type + code need to match
  • Start Debugger through “Sessions” from client, can debug all clients + api
  • CODE: pass variable with VAR to pass it by reference and not by value -> can be used instead of multiple return values
  • CODE: Page called “Integer” to make list with n entries
  • CODE: Use Events-Subscriptions/Publishers whenever possible, can easily be moved to Extensions and they exist more and more
  • tool to create reports easier, might be worth checking out
  • Reports should be moved to PowerBI/ Cues whenever possible; better to have live views instead of “static” reports
  • TIP: Reports can also be used for “house-keeping”; run nightly tasks, run batch-jobs
  • TIP: “About this page” before running a report shows you calling variables after running the report
  • TIP: In Visual Studio you can see Document Outline of reports, very helpful
  • XMLPorts don’t support json at the moment, use .net plugins, convert functions
  • Don’t use .net if you want to go to Business Central, will not be supported; use Azure functions, Code Units
  • XMLPorts can be used as parameters for Web Services
  • Create own service tier for web services (to use different authentication, url/ port with ssl)
  • CODE: Use single code unit instance to keep “expensive” global object in memory -> I.e. excel, also if you want multiple windows to work on same record
  • Code: Check Code Units provided by Microsoft to use them as libraries/ instead of .net -> i.e. smtp, json library, http requests, formatting..
  • Scheduler can be used to set up jobs that should run in specific intervals
  • Queries can be used together with generic charts to “combine” data from multiple tables; can be pushed to excel; use in infopath to set up basic forms through web service
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