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Last active Dec 30, 2015
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Example of RFC 6902 GeoJSON diff
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import json
import jsonpatch
import os.path
import requests
import subprocess
# original
if not os.path.exists('hackspots-44de76ef53.json'):
r = requests.get('')
data = r.content
with open('hackspots-44de76ef53.json', 'wb') as f:
# next commit
if not os.path.exists('hackspots-e9514f5c31.json'):
r = requests.get('')
data = r.content
with open('hackspots-e9514f5c31.json', 'wb') as f:
diff_text = subprocess.check_output([
diff = json.loads(diff_text)
print(json.dumps(diff, indent=2))
# Moving coordinates of hackspots-e9514f5c31
diff = '[{"path": "/features/2/geometry/coordinates/0", "value": -122.655, "op": "replace"}, {"path": "/features/2/geometry/coordinates/1", "value": 45.522, "op": "replace"}]'
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