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Created February 6, 2013 00:55
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Hombrew's macvim formula using brew-installed python and ruby
require 'formula'
class Macvim < Formula
homepage ''
url ''
version '7.3-66'
sha1 'd11696f7089688fa96a45fc57410c60f6ca5a394'
head '', :branch => 'master'
option "custom-icons", "Try to generate custom document icons"
option "override-system-vim", "Override system vim"
option "with-cscope", "Build with Cscope support"
option "with-lua", "Build with Lua scripting support"
option "with-python3", "Build with Python 3 scripting support"
depends_on 'python'
depends_on 'ruby'
depends_on 'cscope' if build.include? 'with-cscope'
depends_on 'lua' if build.include? 'with-lua'
def patches
DATA if build.stable?
depends_on :xcode # For xcodebuild.
def install
# Set ARCHFLAGS so the Python app (with C extension) that is
# used to create the custom icons will not try to compile in
# PPC support (which isn't needed in Homebrew-supported systems.)
arch = MacOS.prefer_64_bit? ? 'x86_64' : 'i386'
ENV['ARCHFLAGS'] = "-arch #{arch}"
# If building for 10.8, make sure that CC is set to "clang".
# Reference:
ENV.clang if MacOS.version >= :mountain_lion
args = %W[
args << "--enable-cscope" if build.include? "with-cscope"
if build.include? "with-lua"
args << "--enable-luainterp"
args << "--with-lua-prefix=#{HOMEBREW_PREFIX}"
args << "--enable-python3interp" if build.include? "with-python3"
system "./configure", *args
# Building custom icons fails for many users, so off by default.
unless build.include? "custom-icons"
inreplace "src/MacVim/icons/Makefile", "$(MAKE) -C makeicns", ""
inreplace "src/MacVim/icons/", "dont_create = False", "dont_create = True"
# Reference:
cd 'src/MacVim/icons' do
system "make getenvy"
system "make"
prefix.install "src/MacVim/build/Release/"
inreplace "src/MacVim/mvim", /^# VIM_APP_DIR=\/Applications$/,
bin.install "src/MacVim/mvim"
# Create MacVim vimdiff, view, ex equivalents
executables = %w[mvimdiff mview mvimex gvim gvimdiff gview gvimex]
executables += %w[vi vim vimdiff view vimex] if build.include? "override-system-vim"
executables.each {|f| ln_s bin+'mvim', bin+f}
def caveats; <<-EOS.undent installed to:
To link the application to a normal Mac OS X location:
brew linkapps
ln -s #{prefix}/ /Applications
--- a/src/configure 2012-09-04 14:29:03.000000000 -0700
+++ b/src/configure 2012-09-04 14:30:50.000000000 -0700
@@ -5483,7 +5483,7 @@
rm -f -- "${tmp_mkf}"
if test "x$MACOSX" = "xyes" && ${vi_cv_path_python} -c \
"import sys; sys.exit(${vi_cv_var_python_version} < 2.3)"; then
- vi_cv_path_python_plibs="-framework Python"
+ vi_cv_path_python_plibs="-F/usr/local/Frameworks -framework Python"
if test "${vi_cv_var_python_version}" = "1.4"; then
vi_cv_path_python_plibs="${PYTHON_CONFDIR}/libModules.a ${PYTHON_CONFDIR}/libPython.a ${PYTHON_CONFDIR}/libObjects.a ${PYTHON_CONFDIR}/libParser.a"
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