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What would you like to do? deobfuscator. Make sure to run it isolated, to prevent any attacks from eval'd code
$input = file_get_contents("untitled.php");
//edit this filename
$fge_ebg13 = "str_rot13";
$onfr64_qrpbqr = "base64_decode";
$eha_pbqr = "cnVuX2NvZGU=";
$CUCxbeh_z = array(1=>trim(explode('[/PHPkoru_Code]',explode('[PHPkoru_Code]',$input)[1])[0]));
$code = explode('s(__FILE__), $CUCxbeh_z);', explode("eval(\$fge_ebg13(", $input)[0])[1];
while(is_null($code) || strpos($code, "openssl_decrypt") === false){
eval("\$code = ". str_replace('eval', '', $code));
echo str_rot13(base64_decode(str_rot13(eval("return (openssl_decrypt".explode('openssl_decrypt', $code)[1]))));
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