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sh4dowb /
Last active March 21, 2023 16:49
EBA canlı ders için Linux ve Mac desteği (Zoom)
sh4dowb / turkey_city_county_list.json
Created July 6, 2019 18:50
Türkiye İl ve İlçe Listesi Plakalı JSON Güncel 2019 - Turkey City and County List with Plate Numbers JSON 2019
View turkey_city_county_list.json
"city": "Adana",
"plate_code": 1,
"counties": [
sh4dowb /
Created December 8, 2021 23:49
verify limbo outcome with python
import hmac
import hashlib
def getLimboOutcome(server, client, nonce):
server = server.encode()
client = client.encode()
nonce = str(nonce).encode()
round = 0
hash =, client+b':'+nonce+b':'+str(round).encode('utf-8'), hashlib.sha256).digest()
first4 = hash[:4]
sh4dowb /
Created September 17, 2021 19:41
Decrypt crypto-js default AES encryption with OpenSSL KDF in Python 3
# I absolutely hated crypto-js for this. non-standard configurations, weird algorithms, ...
# well obviously you can encrypt it with a better configuration which people will not
# go crazy figuring out its implementation, but in this case I wasn't encrypting the data.
import base64
from Crypto.Hash import MD5
from Crypto.Util.Padding import unpad
from Crypto.Cipher import AES
# generated using: CryptoJS.AES.encrypt('test 123456 plaintext', 'some password').toString()
sh4dowb /
Created September 1, 2019 09:29
Chromium Linux Password Retriever (Decryption support)
# source:
# just put a few answers together for a working script
# python3
# outputs passwords.csv
import secretstorage
import sqlite3
import os
import csv
from Crypto.Cipher import AES
sh4dowb /
Created August 26, 2021 13:20
tronapi python mass USDT payment - send mass USDT payments with python
import time
from tronapi import Tron
full_node = ''
solidity_node = ''
event_server = ''
pkey = "private_key_hex"
payments = [
sh4dowb / phpkoru.deobfuscate.php
Created March 25, 2020 09:50 deobfuscator. Make sure to run it isolated, to prevent any attacks from eval'd code
View phpkoru.deobfuscate.php
$input = file_get_contents("untitled.php");
//edit this filename
$fge_ebg13 = "str_rot13";
$onfr64_qrpbqr = "base64_decode";
$eha_pbqr = "cnVuX2NvZGU=";
sh4dowb /
Last active December 8, 2022 02:56
run a fucking ethereum VERY LIGHT client that uses cloudflare rpc
do you have an app that fucking supports geth only?
and after new cryptobros got high and decided you should have at least 1 TB SSD and 10 fucking free days to synchronize to run a "fast" node, you can't be fucking bothered?
well I did, and there you fucking go. this fucking shit gets all stupid motherfucking data from cloudflare and handles account creation and sending etc
fuck you web 3.0
run geth with snap and dont run no consensus or what in the flying fuck that is
note that you probably need to add more methods to the cloudflare array for block and tx fetching etc.
I also added gas price fetching because the app was fucking dumb and sending 0x0
sh4dowb /
Last active July 4, 2022 20:18
workaround for selenium to save the goddamn session / profile completely on firefox / geckodriver --- selenium firefox geckodriver persistent profile
# Selenium does not use the given profile, but copies it, and uses a temporary profile.
# As a result, new cookies and sessions etc. are not saved.
# To fix it, we get the actual profile firefox is using, kill firefox manually so geckodriver
# doesn't delete profile data. Copying the profile when it's being used is generally not a good idea.
# After killing firefox profile and databases are unlocked, we copy the "temporary" profile
# to our old profile.
# driver.profile doesn't provide the actual temporary profile, but another copy of it. And firefox
# does not use that one. that's why I got it from process list.
sh4dowb / ud64_deobfuscator.php
Created September 4, 2019 19:55
UD64 Deobfuscator / Unknowndevice64 PHP obfuscation deobfuscator
View ud64_deobfuscator.php
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<meta name="description" content="UD64, Unknowndevice64 deobfuscator/decrypter.">
<meta name="keywords" content="ud64 deobfuscate, ud64 cleaner, ud64 beautifier, ud64 decrypt">
<title>UD64 - Unknowndevice64 Deobfuscator</title>