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Last active Feb 25, 2017
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class Biriyani {
let count: Int
let size: OrderSize
let spiceRange: SpiceRange
init (count: Int, size: OrderSize, spiceRange: SpiceRange) {
self.count = count
self.size = size
self.spiceRange = spiceRange
convenience init(size: OrderSize, spiceRange: SpiceRange) {
self.init(count: 1, size: size, spiceRange: spiceRange)
convenience init(spiceRange: SpiceRange) {
self.init(count: 1, size: .medium, spiceRange: spiceRange)
class Restaurant {
var biriyaniOrder1 = Biriyani(size: .medium, spiceRange: .extraHot)
var biriyaniOrder2 = Biriyani(spiceRange: .extraHot)
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