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Notes for paper titled A Neural Conversational Model

A Neural Conversational Model



  • Neural Conversational Model (NCM)
  • A Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) reads the input sentence, one token at a time, and predicts the output sequence, one token at a time.
  • Learns by backpropagation.
  • The model maximises the cross entropy of correct sequence given its context.
  • Greedy inference approach where predicted output token is used as input to predict the next output token.


  • IT HelpDesk dataset of conversations about computer related issues.
  • OpenSubtitles dataset containing movie conversations.


  • The paper has reported some samples of conversations generated by the interaction between human actor and the NCM.
  • NCM reports lower perplexity as compared to n-grams model.
  • NCM outperforms CleverBot in a subjective test involving human evaluators to grade the two systems.


  • Domain-agnostic.
  • End-To-End training without handcrafted rules.
  • Underlying architecture (Sequence To Sequence Framework) can be leveraged for machine translation, question answering etc.


  • The responses are simple, short and at times inconsistent.
  • The objective function of Sequence To Sequence Framework is not designed to capture the objective of conversational models.
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