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Created May 5, 2023 13:34
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class WebGPT:
name = "openai/webgpt_comparisons"
def __init__(self, split: str = "train"):
self.split = split
dataset = load_dataset(, split=self.split)
self.dataset_dict = defaultdict(dict)
for item in dataset:
post_id = item["question"]["id"]
if post_id not in self.dataset_dict.keys():
self.dataset_dict[post_id] = {
"full_text": item["question"]["full_text"],
"answers": [],
if item["score_0"] > 0:
answers = [item["answer_0"], item["answer_1"]]
elif item["score_0"] < 0:
answers = [item["answer_1"], item["answer_0"]]
answers = []
answers = [re.sub(r"\[\d+\]", "", answer) for answer in answers]
answers = [
".".join([sent.strip() for sent in answer.split(".")])
for answer in answers
if answers:
_ = self.dataset_dict.pop(post_id)
self.post_ids = list(self.dataset_dict.keys())
def __len__(self):
return len(self.post_ids)
def __getitem__(self, idx):
question, answers = self.dataset_dict[self.post_ids[idx]].values()
return question, answers
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