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Last active Apr 7, 2017
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Multiple Elm main modules
elm-package install --yes evancz/elm-html
elm-make First.elm Second.elm --output bundle.js --yes
module First where
import Html exposing (span, text)
main = span [ ] [text "Hello First!"]
<div id="first"></div>
<div id="second"></div>
<script src="bundle.js"></script>
var first = document.getElementById('first');
Elm.embed(Elm.First, first);
var second = document.getElementById('second');
Elm.embed(Elm.Second, second);
module Second where
import Html exposing (span, text)
main = span [ ] [text "Hello Second!"]

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@DanielsLuz DanielsLuz commented May 22, 2016

For future readers
Hi, I came across this gist from this discussion.
Please consider updating the Elm.embed syntax for the 0.17 version as mentioned here.
It should go from
Elm.embed(Elm.MyApp, someElement)


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