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Created May 26, 2016
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$ git clone
$ npm install
npm WARN Invalid name: "sam-safe middleware with blog sample harness"
$ # Edit package.json, changing the name field to "sam-safe" in package.json (my npm doesn't like spaces)
$ npm install
$ npm start
> sam-safe@1.0.0 start /Users/user/src/sam-safe
> node server-model.js

{ init: [Function],
  present: [Function],
  edit: [Function],
  save: [Function],
  delete: [Function],
  cancel: [Function],
  intents: { edit: 'edit', save: 'save', delete: 'delete', cancel: 'cancel' } }
[INFO]     : 1464275768965 : new step        :{"stepid":0,"actions":[]}
registering app on port: 5425
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