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BP - show xprofile data on Pending Users screen
// add the custom column header
function philopress_modify_user_columns($column_headers) {
$column_headers['extended'] = 'Meta Fields';
return $column_headers;
// dump all the pending user's meta data in the custom column
function philopress_signup_custom_column( $str, $column_name, $signup_object ) {
if ( $column_name == 'extended' )
return print_r( $signup_object->meta, true );
//If you only want to show specific meta fields, you need to know the field id(s). Then you could do this:
//return $signup_object->meta['field_4472'];
return $str;
add_filter( 'bp_members_signup_custom_column', 'philopress_signup_custom_column', 1, 3 );
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welshlamb10 commented Mar 15, 2021

Hi - how would I make this sortable?

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