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PHP Namespace Autoloader
$namespaces = array(
'Sheldon\examples\SignalConsole\*' => __DIR__,
'Sheldon\*' => dirname(dirname(__DIR__)) . '/src/',
spl_autoload_register(function ($class) use ($namespaces) {
krsort($namespaces); // This is important because we want to match the most specific namespace rule possible
$match = null;
$wildcard = false;
foreach($namespaces as $ns => $candidate)
if ($wildcard = ('\*' == substr($ns, -2)))
$ns = substr($ns, 0, -2);
elseif ('\\' == substr($ns, -1)) // Forgive an accidental trailing slash
$ns = substr($ns, 0, -1);
// Determine if this rule matches the class at all
if (strpos($class, $ns . $NAMESPACE_SEPARATOR) !== 0)
$match = array(
'namespace' => $ns,
'path' => $candidate,
'wildcard' => $wildcard
if (empty($match))
return false;
$class_namespace = explode($NAMESPACE_SEPARATOR, $class);
// If the matched rule has a wildcard at the end, we overlap the matched namespace with the current class namespace.
// Given the rule: Foo\Bar\* and the class Foo\Bar\Baz\MyClass the wildcard indicates that the Foo\Bar are overlapped and removed
// So the result will be merely Baz\MyClass, which will be turned into to the path /Baz/MyClass.php appended to the $match path
if ($match['wildcard']) {
$match_namespace = explode($NAMESPACE_SEPARATOR, $match['namespace']);
$class_namespace = array_diff($class_namespace, $match_namespace);
$class = array_pop($class_namespace);
$file = sprintf('%s/%s/%s.php', $match['path'], implode(DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, $class_namespace), $class);
$file = preg_replace(sprintf('#[%s]{2,}#', DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR), DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR, $file); // Collapse path//file into path/file
if (file_exists($file))
require_once $file;
return true;
return false;
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