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Last active July 27, 2022 21:16
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package main
import (
// this is the driver & yes, even though we're throwing
// it away to `_`, it's still needed
_ ""
var (
db *sql.DB
server = "localhost"
// Yes, I hate this too...
port = 60515
func main() {
// Build connection string
connString := fmt.Sprintf(
// I want the line that the error occurs in my logs, please & thank you
// Create connection pool
var err error
db, err = sql.Open("sqlserver", connString)
if err != nil {
log.Fatalln("Creating connection pool failed:", err.Error())
stringDate, err := getDate()
if err != nil {
log.Fatalln("getDate() failed:", err.Error())
fmt.Println("Read:", stringDate)
fmt.Println("Read rows successfully!")
func getDate() (string, error) {
var dte string
// We're "scanning" the values from the query into the `dte`
// variable using `&<var name>`. Different, but interesting...
if err := db.QueryRow("SELECT dt = SYSDATETIME();").Scan(&dte); err != nil {
return "false", fmt.Errorf("getDate() function failed! %s", err.Error())
return dte, nil
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