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Smarter ASP.NET Core Docker File
FROM microsoft/dotnet:2.0-sdk as builder
RUN mkdir -p /root/src/app/aspnetcoreapp
WORKDIR /root/src/app/aspnetcoreapp
#copy just the project file over
# this prevents additional extraneous restores
# and allows us to resuse the intermediate layer
# This only happens again if we change the csproj.
# This means WAY faster builds!
COPY aspnetcoreapp.csproj .
#Because we have a custom one
COPY nuget.config .
RUN dotnet restore ./aspnetcoreapp.csproj
COPY . .
RUN dotnet publish -c release -o published -r linux-arm
#Smaller - Best for apps with self-contained .NETs, as it doesn't include the runtime
FROM microsoft/dotnet:2.0.0-runtime-deps-stretch-arm32v7
#Bigger - Best for apps .NETs that aren't self-contained.
#FROM microsoft/dotnet:2.0.0-runtime-stretch-arm32v7
#FROM microsoft/dotnet:2.0.0-runtime-deps
#FROM microsoft/dotnet:2.0.0-runtime
WORKDIR /root/
COPY --from=builder /root/src/app/aspnetcoreapp/published .
EXPOSE 5000/tcp
#CMD ["dotnet", "./aspnetcoreapp.dll"]
CMD ["./aspnetcoreapp"]

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