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Version bits extension with user defined activation

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@h0jeZvgoxFepBQ2C h0jeZvgoxFepBQ2C commented Feb 26, 2017

Looks nice! Would be happy to get features deployed like this... Excited to hear other opinions!


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@gasteve gasteve commented Mar 15, 2017

Would it make sense for nodes to stop accepting or relaying transactions that violate the soft fork rules even before the activationtime? Before the activationtime, a node would only accept such transactions if they appear in a block. In other words, transactions not satisfying the new rules would be considered non standard long before the activationtime. By trying to inject transactions that deliberately break the new rules, you might be able to ascertain the level of support for the soft fork on the p2p network.


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@lifesfun lifesfun commented Mar 24, 2017

Blah political or not, not a good place to post this yet and most people looking at UASF will come here so posting my thoughts on this here:
I prefer an uncomplicated method that has been used before, rather than relying purely on signally intent. The act of voting publically when certain parties have to much power is being used as way to politically attack Bitcoin, and impend it to move forward. Hence, this has lead to the use of propaganda, fear, and gridlock with code that is nowhere near ready for production to cause damage due to relying only on miner voting which has never been nor will it ever be Bitcoin strong point.

Innovation has always come from need, and never from backing. Backing follows the lead of something that takes lead. Based on all of my knowledge, skills, and my experience in watching and using bitcoin my opinion is Segwit is they way forward and we need to take some action. At this point the damage of a change split is already happening both politically and economically. Upgrading will allow for so many types of new code and development to take place. This provides huge economic boost in Bitcoins

As soon as there is code available for flag day or something that pushes Segwit forward, I will support that in every way I can and I imagine most users will to as it allows bitcoin to move forward in terms of scalability and in terms of innovation of the network itself.

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