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.SYNOPSIS Launch Developer PowerShell
Locates and imports a Developer PowerShell module and calls the Enter-VsDevShell cmdlet. The Developer PowerShell module
is located in one of several ways:
1) From a path in a Visual Studio installation
2) From the latest installation of Visual Studio (higher versions first)
3) From the instance ID of a Visual Studio installation
4) By selecting a Visual Studio installation from a list
sharadhr /
Last active November 6, 2023 20:49
Silencing the Developer PowerShell

Silencing the Developer PowerShell


I used dnSpy to edit a CIL DLL library, Microsoft.VisualStudio.DevShell.dll to silence the banner displayed by a Developer PowerShell terminal. I also added the Developer PowerShell functionality to all my PowerShell terminals, so I can use cl.exe and clang.exe (and clang-cl.exe) from anywhere.

But two sentences do not a blog post make.

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Last active June 13, 2023 17:11
Clang-Tidy breaks with standard C++20 modules
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cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.26)
# Required by CMake 3.26 to enable standard C++20 module support
set(CMAKE_EXPERIMENTAL_CXX_MODULE_CMAKE_API 2182bf5c-ef0d-489a-91da-49dbc3090d2a)
# Generate compile_commands.json
# Comment out the following line to disable clang-tidy; only works with Ninja.
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% epreport.cls simplifies typesetting experimental physics reports, and assignments.
\ProvidesClass{epreport}[21/01/16 NUS Experimental Physics report document class]
% Import early to avoid option errors