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Which Chia plot file found the proof?

How to find the Chia plot file that won the block?

  1. Search your receive address on Chia Explorer
  2. Scroll down the page to look at your farmer rewards
  3. Click on the reward for which you want to find the plot
  4. On the page that comes up, click on the Confirmed block index number
  5. Scroll down to find the proof_of_space.plot_public_key and copy the key

On your harvester/full node run the following command at the command prompt:

curl --insecure --cert ~/.chia/mainnet/config/ssl/harvester/private_harvester.crt --key \
~/.chia/mainnet/config/ssl/harvester/private_harvester.key -d '{"":""}' \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST https://localhost:8560/get_plots | python3 -m json.tool

If the command succeeds, it will display information about all of your plots. You can use grep to find the file name for the winning plot. Replace the <plot-public-key> with the key that you copied from the step 5 above in the following command:

curl --insecure --cert ~/.chia/mainnet/config/ssl/harvester/private_harvester.crt \
--key ~/.chia/mainnet/config/ssl/harvester/private_harvester.key -d '{"":""}' \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST https://localhost:8560/get_plots | \
python3 -m json.tool | \
grep -A5 -B4 <your-plot-public-key>
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rmica commented Jun 16, 2021

Thank you!

The RPC call solved the plot pk lookup problem.
But I failed to address the won block with the above procedure. It's not the block I won but the transaction block that contains my reward claim.
In order to find the won block I search in the log file for "Farmed unfinished block ..." line. Then I search the next "Updated peak to height" line and copy the height. Then I use that height in chiaexplorer to find the block and copy the plot_public_key. And then your RPC call...

In a distributed farm, I begin with the harvester box reporting "Found [1-9] proofs", which is the one with the winner plot file, then I login to the full_node to find the heigth, then the above steps to obtain the plot pk and back to the harvester for the RPC.


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cjedwards commented Sep 6, 2021

so what happens with multiple farmers winning a block?

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