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For the sake of consistency, the module ups was renamed to shipping_ups. Tryton's migration API does not provide a straightforward way to rename modules as its an exceptional case. This file gives you the code you need to make the migration
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import os
import psycopg2
# Connect to tryton database with database uri.
# Example: postgres://tryton:tryton@localhost/production
conn = psycopg2.connect(os.environ.get('TRYTOND_DATABASE_URI'))
def rename_ups_module():
"""UPS module has been renamed to shipping_ups, hence rename it in
database also.
# Update ir_module_module entry.
# Just a name change from `ups` to `shipping_ups`
UPDATE ir_module_module
SET name = 'shipping_ups'
WHERE name = 'ups'
# Update data related to ups
# Tryton stores the information about records created from
# XML in, so it can update the information
# with module upgrades.
# Update the name of module there too.
UPDATE ir_model_data
SET module = 'shipping_ups'
WHERE module = 'ups';
# Tryton views store the module name in them to load the
# view xml filed from FS at runtime. They need to be update
# too
UPDATE ir_ui_view
SET module = 'shipping_ups'
WHERE module = 'ups';
if __name__ == '__main__':
cursor = conn.cursor()

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@sharoonthomas sharoonthomas commented Mar 27, 2015

Usage instructions:

  1. Set the database connection as a URI in the environment
export TRYTOND_DATABASE_URI=postgres://tryton:tryton@localhost/production
  1. Run the file
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